Cancer Coping

Have you been diagnosed with cancer? Has someone you love been diagnosed with cancer? Are you or is a loved one living with recurrent or metastatic disease?

If you are living with cancer, you may be experiencing:

  • fear and anxiety
  • a sense of alienation from loved ones and others around you
  • sadness, grief
  • worry about your family, your future
  • anger toward the cancer, the medical system, your family, or toward something you can't even identify
  • a sense that life has lost its meaning or purpose
  • identity loss or confusion

If a loved one is living with cancer, you may be experiencing:

  • a sense of helplessness
  • sadness and loss
  • anger toward your loved one or toward other things you may not be able to identify
  • guilt
  • worry about your own or your family's coping and future 

All of these feelings and reactions are normal and understandable, as uncomfortable as they may be for you.

It is not your job to know how to cope with cancer!

It is my job to help you, through the therapy process, to harness and develop your coping capacity. I would be happy to see you on your own or together with your loved one(s). Feel free to discuss these options and your particular needs with me.       

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