Relational Psychotherapy

What is Relational Psychotherapy?
Over the years, my clinical practice has been profoundly influenced and shaped by Relational Cultural Theory (RCT), a model that was developed and has evolved over time through the work of the clinicians/scholars of what is now called the Jean Baker Miller Training Institute. This clinical and academic hub was originally known as The Stone Centre.

Relational Cultural Theory asserts that as human beings, we grow through and toward relationship, or "connection", throughout our lifespan and that chronic relational disconnection and violations are a primary source of human suffering, at a personal and societal level. 

In the past few years, advances in neuroscience have shown that we come into the world ready to connect. The new research has provided hopeful data about the lifelong malleability of the brain, and is demonstrating that we are truly hardwired to connect. These relatively recent developments in neuroscience have simply corroborated the understanding of relational development that the Relational Cultural theorists were describing decades earlier.

The late Jean Baker Miller suggested that growth-fostering relationships are marked by these "five good things":


  •     Zest   
  •     Clarity    
  •     Productivity    
  •     Sense of worth   
  •     Desire for more connection

I love to see my clients grow in these ways.


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